Purpose of website

This website is here to give information regarding :

The practice, how and when it operates, its staff and the proposed treatments.
The information described here cannot replace a consultation, or diagnostic by a healthcare professional.
Despite all the attention given to the description of the information available on the website, mistakes are still possible.

You can contact the dentist at the following address (no address)

Aimed audience :

Individuals, patients of the practice, web users, general public looking for dental information.
This website is in no way destined to replace the relation between a practitioner and his or her patients or visitors.

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GANDI SAS, Headquarters located at 15 place de la Nation in Paris 75011

Content edition :

The content of this website was edited by Substances Actives SAS’ scientific committee. The scientific committee is partly comprised of dentists. The practice’s dentist is the only one responsible for the content of his website.

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This website is only funded by the practice’s dentist, no other source of financing exists. There are no adverts on this website.

Intellectual property :

This website is edited by the company, Substances Actives, SAS.
All of the published content belongs to the editing company, Substances Actives, SAS, except brands, logos and contents belonging to other companies or editors.

Any copy of the logos, written content, pictures of videos, this list being non-exhaustive, is strictly forbidden and comparable to forgery. The user does not have the right to modify, use extracts, copy, release, distribute, transmit, exploit, commercially or not, distribute in full or in part, the structure or content of the website, without authorization by the legal representative of the editing company, Substances Actives SAS

In certain cases, all the elements of the website, are conceded under an exclusive exploitation license with the practitioner. In this case, said practitioner is responsible for all the websites functions: edition, content, hosting…

A special mention will be indicated in the legal terms to define this exploitation license.

The editor can be reached by e-mail at the following address

contactweb@substancesactives.com, or by mail at Substances Actives SAS,  30 rue Velpeau, 92160 Antony.

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Gathered data, cookies :

Terms relative to French Information and Liberty law of 6th January 1978
The users are free to choose to provide personal information concerning them. The provision of such information is not necessary to browse the website. However, registration for a newsletter, or compiling of a contact form entails that the editor requires personal data to be gathered.
This gathered data is kept by the dentist and the practitioner agrees to not use it in any other context, or transmit it to third parties, not counting the authorization of the users and/or cases planned for by legislation.
The information regarding all the registered users of the website is saved for a reasonable amount of time needed for the good administration of the website and a normal use of the data. This data is safeguarded in secure conditions, according to available technical means as provided for by the French Information and Liberty law of 6th January 1978.

According to this, users have the right to deny, interrogate, access and rectify any and all data they provided. For this, they simply need to ask the website’s editor and e-mail their request to the following address: contact@substancesactives.com or by mail to company headquarters, which’s address is mentioned at the top of this page.

The collected Personal information will be electronically treated and is exclusively reserved for the practitioner.
The gathered personal data is not sent to any foreign country. Moreover, the editor reserves the right to gather the public IP (Internet Protocol) address of any user browsing this website. The gathering of this address will be made anonymously, and the information will be conserved for the same amount of time as cookies and cannot under any circumstance, be used for anything else than the proper function of the services offered on the website. The IP address corresponds to a series of numbers separated by points allowing to identify a computer on the internet. In case of dispute, and only on behalf of a judge, the editor will be able to communicate this data (and any other required information), to the proper authorities allowed to correlate between IP address and actual identity known to the internet provider.

Terms regarding cookies and their use :

In order for every web user to enjoy optimum browsing on this website, as well as to permit better function of different interfaces and apps, the editor will be able to proceed to the implantation of a cookie on the user’s terminal. This cookie allows to store data relative to the user’s browsing history on the website (date, page, time), (searches, login, e-mail, password). These cookies are meant to be kept on the user’s computer for up to a month, can be read and used by the editor during a future visit of the same user on this website.

The user has the possibility to block and/or modify the duration of the information’s storage, or suppress the cookie via their web-browser’s menu (usually tools or options / privacy or confidential settings). In such a case browsing on this website may not be optimum.

Web users also have the possibility to suppress these cookies already present on their computer, via their web-browser’s menu (usually tools or options / privacy or confidential settings). Such an action has no consequences on browsing this website but it does suppress cookie based functionalities. The user will have to provide information again to regain access to these functions.

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