Concept total smile

Design your new smile…

A pleasant smile illuminates a face and also has psychological and social repercussions. Many patients come to us because they do not dare to smile in public anymore and develop a lack of confidence as well as cosmetic complexes.

We have developed the « Total Smile Concept » following a realization : teeth, gums and lips all play a part in the harmony of a smile and are often treated by different practitioners. Lips that are too thin create a toothy or gummy smile, short teeth bring the lip down and make the patient look older.

Clinic Center Monte Carlo proposes a global approach to your smile by reestablishing harmony of the mouth, as well as the balance between shape and volume of the teeth and lips. Lip restructuration is complementary to whitening or ceramic facets for a younger look.

You will be able to discover the different treatments for your smile in the pages « facial rejuvenation” and « cosmetic dental care ».