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Dental veneers

Dr Gilles Marchisio, Dentist in Monaco, specialized in 7-days / 2 sessions  full  dental veneers cosmetics , can design your new smile.

A dental veneer is a very thin piece of ceramic that is fixed on the tooth  surface. It allows to correct teeth lacking of aesthetics  by their shape or position, to correct coloration  and surface aspects, or to re-establish left-right symmetry, that is essential to a beautiful smile.

Before considering cosmetic treatment, it is essential to define the patient’s needs.

Following the clinical and radiological exam a 3D simulation of the future teeth is made on a computer to define the wanted results.

This virtual environment allows to create temporary veneers made of resin that are adjusted in the mouth to the waned shape and color. They can also be easily modified by the dentist (height, volume, symmetry…) until the patient is satisfied.

A “copy” of the teeth is then created in high resistance ceramic using CAD-CAM technology (Computer assisted Design and Machining).

The preparation of the teeth that will receive the veneers is very acurate to guaranty solidity (space between antagonist teeth) and durability (retention), the new teeth can be put in place within 5 days after their preparation. According to your teeth shape we can propose “no-preparation” dental veneers  (no enamel drilling )

Our veneers are built in our laboratory in Monaco from CE high quality ceramics.

Dental veneers are unanimously considered as the reference in dental ceramics. They enjoy a cosmetic quality as well as stable and proven resistance.