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Laser Whitening

Dentist Monaco

For a radiant smile…

Laser teeth whitening by Dr Gilles Marchisio, Dentist in Monaco, allows for a whiter smile when scaling is not sufficient. A thorough cleaning of the teeth is performed before the whitening session at the practice with a pressurized bicarbonate aero-polishing (Airflow).

Different factors can influence teeth coloration (coffee, tea, tobacco, red wine, medication, advanced age, etc. …) Whitening brings an answer to yellow or grey teeth.

It is important to ensure a  good dental hygiene, with brushing after every meal in order to eliminate surface deposits. No whitening treatment can be completed without a full dental initial check-up.

Clinic Center Monte Carlo offers a very efficient solution in 2 steps for your teeth whitening :

1. Dental Office Laser whitening

Duration :  45 minutes

  After carefull polishing of your teeth and protection of the gums the peroxyde gel is applied to dental surfaces and laser activated  ( 2 sessions of 15 minutes ) . The Laser wavelength is specific to the gel used for whitening and activates the bleaching effect with less pain that with the heating lamps ( the desensitization effect of Laser on dental tissues is well-known ). The results are immediate. Tea, coffee, coca-cola, tobacco must be avoided for 24 hours.    

 2. At home whitening

 Duration : 15 minutes per day

 A peroxyde based gel delivered by Clinic Center Monte-Carlo is placed in custom-made dental trays manufactured after the impression of your teeth , and applied in the mouth for 15 minutes each day for 7 days as a complement treatment to  the Laser procedure, reducing the risk of staining recidive due to food and beverages

This home treatment can be repeated 3 days per month as routine bleaching.

We also propose this procedure to our patients ending an Invisalign orthodontic treatment with a direct application of the whitening gel in the Invisalign aligners.

Frequently asked questions

Is the treatment efficient and durable?

Yes. It is an experienced and safe method. Everything that makes up a tooth’s natural beauty is preserved. Depending on everyone’s habits, the effect can last up to one year. After which a short treatment can be offered to prolong the effect.

Is it dangerous for teeth?

No. Peroxide does not penetrate the enamel further than a few microns. However, the dentist will have to perform a thorough exam of your fillings in order to avoid penetration of the product inside the teeth.

Are there secondary effects or possible pain?

The patient can feel some sensitivities, at the tooth’s level, but they are without consequence on their vitality. These sensitivities will quickly dull down over time after treatment is stopped. As a precaution, whitening treatments are not advised for children or pregnant or breast-feeding women.