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Risk Prevention

Covid-19 protocol

The worldwide coronavirus pandemic has confirmed importance of hygiene measures to preserve our health. No one wants to take a risk when consulting a physician or a dentist. This is why the barrier gestures we already applied routinely before the epidemic (masks, gloves, glasses) have been reinforced to make our premises safer than most public places, both for you and for us.

Barrier measures

Since its creation, the clinic has been equipped with a sterile operating room. For this reason sterilization equipments and operating room preparation are already in use. For additional prevention measures, barriers will be generalized throughout the clinic : surgical gowns, gloves, FFP2 masks, protection glasses, disposable fields, etc.., moreover we have these materials in sufficient number. The staff will be wearing FFP2 safety masks and gloves from the start to the end of your visit.

Air and surface disinfection

For the safety of patients and staff, Clinic Center Monte Carlo uses a hospital standards professionnal nebulizer for operating room allowing to spray a mist of antiseptic product to disinfect air and surfaces inaccessible to manual cleaning. This protocol that was only used in the operating room before the pandemia will be extended to the other treatment rooms and to the waiting room as well.

Patients access

Only one patient will be admitted to the waiting room. For this reason we ask you not to be accompanied during your visit except for children. You will receive alcoholic gel on hands at your arrival. Papers and magazines will no longer be available. If possible we recommand that you wear a mask when entering the clinic. Of course if in doubt with your health condition such as fever or flu you will need to cancel your visit. Patient in lockdown status in France will receive by email the day before their appointment a certificate specifying the date and hourly interval of their consultation. This will allow them to go from home to the dental office and back. This document must be attached to the usual legal derogatory document when controlled by authorities.