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Dental implants with Dr Gilles Marchisio, Dentist in Monaco, specialized in cosmetic dental treatments and implantology.

What is a dental implant ?

A dental implant is an artificial root. It allows to replace a lost dental root. It is inserted permanently or temporarily in the jaw to hold an artificial tooth in place. It is generally made of titanium, a material bio-compatible with bone.

The goal of implantology is to make proper mastication possible once again. Implants help stabilize the jaw, avoid further bone resorption and conserve the shape of the jaw bone. Implants are a practical alternative to removable dentures.

Why dental implants ?

Dental implants are a long-term solution that allow to safely replace one or more missing teeth without affecting nearby teeth, thus making them the best solution to replace missing teeth :

Dental implants offer better cosmetic and functional results.

Dental implants protect from important bone resorption and the resorbtion of inferior part  of the face associated with premature aging.

The use of a dental implant allows to avoid the decay of close-by natural teeth, contrary to traditional methods.

They offer a stable base for new teeth and allow to speak and eat with all the comfort and security of real teeth.

Dental implants are an extremely predictable solution, with medium and long-term studies showing very high success rates.

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