Implants advice and precautions

One or more implants have just been put into place in your mouth , we give you some advice of what do and not do . The Post-op consequences are very simple or non-existent, if pre-medication has been closely followed.

What you must do :

You have to take all your prescribed medicine, even if there is no pain : pain that has settled is harder to treat.

Take the prescribed analgesics at regular intervals of 2 or 4 hours after the procedure.

Put ice on the cheek for  3 minutes several times per hour on the day of the procedure .

Mouth wash with product diluted in water 24 hours after the procedure.

After the sutures are removed, teeth must be brushed gently around the scars and use a specific post-op brush for the screws.

What you must not do :

Eat or drink hot things for the first days

Hold your cheek with your hand (heat source)

Eat very solid food

Drink alcohol or smoke

masticate hard food on  the implants for the first 2 weeks.

Do not hesitate to contact us  :

If the implant hurts

If the implant moves

If the area remains swollen more than 2 days

Thank you for following this advice that are general and cannot substitute what your dentist prescribed and advised. These guidelines will help you through post-op care and also will increase chances of the treatment’s success.