Frequently asked questions

Dr Gilles Marchisio, Dentist in Monaco, specialized in cosmetic dental care and implantology answers your questions.

A dental implant is like a small screw, an artificial root,  it is made of titanium and bio-compatible. It is used to replace the root of a damaged or missing tooth and can be used as an anchorage point for a future dental prosthesis or ceramic crown.

No. The same anesthesia is needed that for a tooth extraction , however you can get in-office medical sedation if preferred. As for any surgical procedure a 48 home rest is adviced after surgery .  The pre-operative prescriptions given to you by Dr.Marchisio  will help you to a  good recovery.

dental implants are part of the most durable treatments. An adapted dental hygiene and prophylaxis are to be considered for the stability of the prosthetic and implant treatments.

It is difficult to give a price; every patient requires a personalized study to precisely establish treatment plan. This type of treatment is partially  reimbursed by the social system, in addition private medical insurance plans can cover some  of the expenses.

There is no age limit to get dental implants. A pre-implantory exam is required. A dental scanner can be used to check multiple elements (bone density, infections, root fracture …). On average, the number of implants needed varies from one case to the next. A clinical exam is to be expected before considering dental implants.

Only a 3D dental scanner can precisely determine if there is enough bone or not. In the case where there is not, there are alternative solutions, like filling the missing bone with a substitute or using a shorter implant. Even in the case of insufficient bone depth, guided surgery as practiced here, allows to treat cases previously considered impossible.

There are many different brands and models of implants.It is very important to keep registration track  of the type of implants you’ve had espacially if you change country or dental practice .