Replacing a tooth

Pre-implant examination

Dr Gilles Marchisio, Dentist in Monaco will establish with you a complete dental treatment plan

A radiography dental scan  will be necessary to assume future position of implants and bone level. A prosthetic and surgical treatment plan will be established as well as a detailed estimate will be given to you after this exam.

Implant placement

Implant placement takes place under local anesthetic and when indicated, a temporary tooth or bridge is put into place.
The osteo-integration time for the implant to get fixed to your bone  can vary between cases, but on average, a new ceramic bridge is placed on the implant within three  months.

Dental crown on implant

After checking the healing process of the dental implant, it is the last step in the treatment plan  and it is totally painless.
The titanium suprastructure receive a zirconium ceramic crown esthetic and bio-compatible.The crown is linked to your implant by a small invisible internal screw. So in the future the crown or bridge can always be replaced if needed without changing the implants.

Back to the simple pleasures

You can now enjoy your new teeth fully. All the essential functions are present again  : smile,  mastication and maintained facial features.
Taking a bite becomes natural again !