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Facial rejuvenation

Why is hyaluronic acid used in rejuvenation ?

Naturally present in tissues,

its action : hydrate skin, ensure its elasticity and firmness,
With the passage of time, the amount of hyaluronic acid contained in the body decreases with age.

What is hyaluronic acid used to treat ?

Fill in lines and wrinkles

Increase and remodel the volume of the lips

Participates in the hydration and revitalization of skin

It is 100% bio-degradable and absorbable

First indication is for the treatment of the naso-labial fold and bitterness folds, voluming of thin lips, lips contouring and definition, correction of facial or lips asymmetry.

How does hyaluronic acid work ?

Hyaluronic acid fills in the fold accentuated by the wrinkle. It fixates water where it is injected. The result is immediately visible.

How does a hyaluronic acid treatment session take place ?

After a detailed clinical exam of the face, Doctor Marchisio will perform the sub-cutaneous hyaluronic acid injections. A local anesthetic can be applied to increase comfort.

Does the treatment leave marks on the face ?

The injections last between 15 and 30mn and leave very few marks. Redness can be expected around the injection points and even persist for three or four days as well as some light bruising the day following the treatment.

When are the results visible ? How much product should be injected ?

Effects are immediate. The treatment usually lasts between 6 and 12 months depending on the injected zone.
We prefer to do minimally invasive injections to maintain the natural aspects of the lips, even if a correction session will be needed to achieve final results, over-correction is never suitable as the main concern of many of our patients is to avoid too much visible change at the fisrt session.

Are there counter-indications ?

Injections are not recommended for pregnant women, or breast-feeding women, patients with dermatologic or auto-immune diseases, other counter-indications exist, Doctor Marchisio will inform you during your appointment.