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Invisible orthodontics

By Invisalign

With Invisalign technology in Monaco experience how easy it can be to change your smile ! Commonly used for children, orthodontics is also available to adults with some impressive results. Invisible orthodontics is a recent and expanding american technology used by millions patients to change the aesthetics of their smile. Tailor-made see-through aligners allow to softly correct misplacements through the application of low forces.

The transparent aligners are changed by you every 2 weeks .The precision of the digital treatment plan Clincheck allows you to visit your Invisalign practitionner every 6 to 8 weeks .At every visit you will receive a new set of aligners for the following weeks. If you travel far from Monaco your aligners can be delivered to you for a treatment time up to 12 weeks.

The aligners are removable and must be removed before the meals and teeth brushing. It means you will not have to change your usual diet. And if you have an exceptional event you can stop wearing your aligners for some hours .

Your teeth aligned in total transparency

The Invisalign treatment’s efficiency is clinically proven

The treatment

This treatment protocol can be practiced by a dentist, as opposed to traditional orthodontic treatments, with wires and braces that can only be prescribed by an orthodontist. A gain in time and comfort for the patient, the entire treatment of his smile takes place in the same practice.


The invisible aligners can help treat :

Overlapping teeth

Poorly aligned teeth

Poorly spaced teeth

Missing teeth


Tailor-made aligner

Almost invisible

Removable for meals and brushing

Hygienic : possible to brush one’s teeth and avoid cavities

Comfortable and painless

How does the treatment take place ?

1. First Consultation

Dr Gilles Marchisio, Dentist in Monaco, performs a preliminary consultation , photos and records of your dental arches to create a 3D model of your teeth.

2. Second Consultation

A digital detailed treatment plan is presented to you (how many aligners will be needed, duration and cost of treatment). After confirmation by the dentist your personnal aligners are tailor made in 3D printing in the USA and shipped within one week.

3. Beginning of treatment

Worn night and day , the invisible aligners will shift your teeth progressively and safely of some /10th of millimeters . The aligner must be changed every two weeks.

4. End of treatment

You will find a harmonious smile as well as functional alignment. We can provide to our patient a whitening gel that will be applied overnight in the last aligners to get a brand new hollywood smile.